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"Made me love the car again"

David D. from the UK
purchased a 92mm throttle body upgrade for his B6 S4

"Whole crew take pride in their work"

Couldn't be happier with the work Tweetler helped me with. I worked with the team to do full timing service & Stage 3 build on a B7 S4.I received daily updates and pictures of the project that me feel like I was right there in the garage with the team throughout the entire process. Their approach to delivering an above the bar customer experience was truly impressive, and it was very clear that the whole crew take great pride in their work.

"The whole car just seems more smooth and solid. It's definitely a different car"

Charles B. from the US
purchased a ported intake manifold and 92mm throttle body upgrade

"Will absolutely change the industry"

Tweetler Performance is the best place to go for any Audi related service. I reached out to have my 4.2 DTM S4 rebuilt here. I have an extreme attention to detail and am so glad I came here to Tweetler. I had my 2006 DTM #10/250 s4 rebuilt here through the AMTuned stage 1 rebuild program. The team kept me updated through the entire process and even went above and beyond getting me a new set of exhaust cams polished. The shop is well organized and the staff is incredibly knowledgeable. I recommend Tweetler to any Audi owner looking for immaculate service and quality of work. Tweetler will get you just where want to be. They in house manufacturing performance parts that will absolutely change the industry. Thank you Tweetler for your incredible work. Iā€™m looking forward to doing more business in the future!

- Dave