About Us

After working on Audi vehicles for more than 15 years, I founded Tweetler Performance with a simple idea in mind: bring quality, high performance parts to multiple Audi platforms and communities.

With that vision in mind, I personally took a leap in 2020 to start the journey of creating the first 2.7t billet wet block and then also decided to jump into making the best supercharger kits for 4.2's. Both of those ideas have led me into wanting to design more, and step into newer platforms as well. I want to bring that excitement back into you and your car... parts that you can't wait to install to get driving again. 

So although Tweetler is a dream of mine, it's really a company designed and inspired by you, the customer. I'm honored and excited to provide the best of the best, to the best auto enthusiasts.

- Reid Coe / Owner of Tweetler Performance