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Audi B9 S4/5 3.TSFI Stage 1+ Power Kit

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Elevate your Audi S4 B9/S5 F5 3,0TSFI to new heights of performance with our comprehensive Stage 1+ Performance Upgrade Kit. This all-in-one package combines cutting-edge technology from Wagner Tuning and Unitronic, offering a seamless blend of efficiency, power, and reliability. Designed for those who demand the best, this kit is a testament to our commitment at Tweetler Performance to revolutionize the driving experience.


  1. Wagner Tuning Competition Intercooler with Piping Kit

    • Enhanced Cooling: Features a core size of 550mm x 445mm x 70mm, providing a 134% larger flow area and 105% more charge air volume than standard intercoolers.

    • Lightweight and Efficient: Made from high-quality Tube Fin material, weighing just 9.5 kg.

    • Optimized Airflow: Cast aluminum end boxes designed with CFD system for minimal backpressure and efficient cooling.

    • Durability and Performance: Anti-corrosion coating for lasting performance, suitable for both street and racing use.

  2. Unitronic Stage 1+ Performance Software

    • Calibrated for High Octane: Tailored for 93 AKI / 98 RON fuel, maximizing energy extraction and efficiency.

    • Enhanced Engine Response: Reduces lag and improves drivability.

    • Safety and Reliability: Maintains factory safety limiters and delivers maximum power within the safe limits of factory components.

    • Optimized Power Delivery: Smooth, linear power with a broad torque plateau.

  3. UNITRONIC Intake System for B9 Audi S4 and S5 3.0TFSI EA839

    • Carbon Fiber Construction: For strength, durability, and improved aesthetics.

    • Efficient Airflow Design: Ensures smooth transitions for power, torque, and airflow gains.

    • Direct Bolt-On Installation: Utilizes OEM mounting locations for ease of installation.


  • Comprehensive Performance Enhancement: This kit combines an intercooler, performance software, and intake system to maximize the efficiency, power, and response of your Audi.

  • Seamless Integration: Designed for easy installation, each component fits perfectly with the existing setup of your vehicle.

  • Race-Proven Quality: Each component is rigorously tested to withstand both daily driving and racing conditions.

  • Optimized for US Models: The supplied brackets and specifications are tailored for US model compatibility.

  • Customizable Experience: The kit offers the flexibility to fine-tune settings with the UniCONNECT+ cable, enhancing the driving experience to your preference.


  • Audi enthusiasts seeking a significant upgrade in performance.

  • Drivers wanting a balance of power, efficiency, and reliability.

  • Those looking to improve both street and track capabilities of their vehicle.


  1. UNITRONIC's UniCONNECT+ Tuning Cable

    • User-Controlled Programming and Diagnostics: Allows you to reflash your ECU or TCU from the comfort of your garage, offering the flexibility to upgrade performance software or revert to stock settings.

    • Easy Software Map Changes: Quickly re-flash your ECU with Performance Software maps, optimized for various hardware and fuel grades.

    • Data Logging and Advanced Settings: Simplify troubleshooting with pre-configured channel loadouts for data logging and enable advanced settings like Launch Control.

    • Simple Installation and Restoration: Easy installation process and painless return to factory settings.

    • Technical Requirements: Compatible with Windows 10 or 11, requires Internet access. Note that UniCONNECT+ cables are VIN-locked and can only be used on one vehicle.

  2. 034Motorsport High Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade

    • Increased Fuel Flow: Provides up to a 37% flow increase over the factory high pressure fuel pump, essential for higher-demand situations.

    • Enhanced Piston Diameter: Upgraded from the stock 10.00mm to 11.67mm for increased efficiency.

    • Optimized for High-Performance Software: Essential for Stage 1+, 2+, and Stage 3 Performance Software, especially with E85 optimized tunes and turbo upgrades.

    • Precision and Reliability: Fuel pump internals are precision-machined to aerospace tolerances, with DLC coating for reduced friction and enhanced performance.

    • Compatibility: Designed for a wide range of Audi models, ensuring perfect fitment and functionality.


With the addition of these optional upgrades, our Stage 1+ Performance Upgrade Kit not only elevates the power and efficiency of your Audi but also provides unprecedented control and customization. These enhancements align perfectly with Tweetler Performance's mission to offer top-quality, innovative automotive solutions, enriching the driving experience of a diverse range of vehicles.


  • Audi enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive upgrade in performance and control.

  • Drivers who appreciate the convenience of at-home tuning and diagnostic capabilities.

  • Those aiming to exceed factory fueling limits for advanced engine tuning.

Elevate your Audi's performance and take control of your driving experience with this expertly curated Stage 1+ Performance Upgrade Kit, now with the option to include state-of-the-art tuning and fuel pump enhancements.