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Tweetler Performance Tuning Service: To have your vehicle flashed by Tweetler, it's required to purchase our Tuning Service for $80. After purchase, we'll contact you to schedule an appointment.

Experience the Pinnacle of B8 RS5 Tuning

No More Settling:

Jackal Motorsports stands out by providing real-world horsepower numbers with their tuning. The gains and times shown are consistent and reliable, tailored to each car's modifications and mechanical health. Expect safe, powerful performance and unparalleled customer service from them.

Specialists in Audi V8 Engines, Including the RS5:

Jackal Motorsports offers custom tuning for the RS5, catering to both stock and upgraded vehicles. Their expertise in TCU tuning includes optimizing shift points, speeds, torque limits, and drivability enhancements, ensuring the best experience for RS5 owners.

Proven Performance

Jackal Motorsports' customers have recorded the third-fastest times on dragy using just drop-in filters on 91 octane, outperforming heavily modified vehicles with other tuners.

Adaptive Tuning for Your Mods

Their tune adapts to modifications, from simple drop-in filters to extensive upgrades.

Seamless Flashing with Jackal Motorsports Tuning Cable

With the purchase of a tune/cable, customers can freely switch between staged tunes, request custom tweaks, or return to stock without additional costs. TCU tuning is included in the tune prices.

2 Step Now Available

Catering to various octane ratings, Jackal Motorsports offers tunes for 91 or 93 octane, with E30 maps coming soon.

TCU Tune Includes:
  • Smoother Shifting/Driving
  • Lightning-Fast Upshifts
  • Faster Downshifts
  • Improved Launch
  • Faster Shifting in Manual Mode
Transformed Drivability

Jackal Motorsports' tunes redefine vehicle performance across the entire rev range. They ensure optimal performance, safety, and enjoyment in all driving conditions, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Considering a Switch to Jackal Motorsports?

They offer a special discount for those switching from other tunes. Contact them for a discount code and experience the difference in performance and customer support.

Performance You Can Feel

Switching to Jackal Motorsports unlocks a new level of performance, offering a smoother ride, faster response, and a 30-day money-back guarantee for complete satisfaction.

Jackal Motorsports' Promise

Committed to the best in automotive performance enhancements, Jackal Motorsports has helped thousands of drivers elevate their driving experience.

Switch with Confidence

Jackal Motorsports prioritizes your car's safety and performance, offering optimized tunes for everyday driving and performance scenarios.