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Jackal Motorsports B8/B8.5 Q5/SQ5 3.TFSI Tune

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Tweetler Performance Tuning Service: To have your vehicle flashed by Tweetler, it's required to purchase our Tuning Service for $80. After purchase, we'll contact you to schedule an appointment.

Unleash Your Q5/SQ5's Full Potential 

Discover the Power of Jackal Motorsports Tunes!

  • Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 2+ tunes
  • Full custom tuning support

Enhanced Tuning Options:

  • Water Meth Injection (WMI) available for each tuning stage
  • E40 options for Dual pulley setups
  • Upgraded Throttle Body maps with Jackal Motorsports TB Adapter Harness for hassle-free installation

Free Stage Swapping for Ultimate Flexibility:

With Jackal Motorsports, customers enjoy unparalleled control. Purchase a tune/cable and switch between stock and any stage, anytime, for FREE! TCU tuning included in tune prices as a comprehensive package.

Performance Gains You Can Feel:

  • Stage 1: +78whp / +64ftlbs
  • Stage 2: +130whp / +126ftlbs
  • Stage 2+: +165whp / +150ftlbs
  • Stage 2+ E40: +185whp / +193ftlbs (Note: These are uncorrected numbers, not dynojet or crank power figures)

The Jackal ZF8 Tune - Transform Your Driving Experience:

  • Smoother, faster shifting
  • Improved launch and AMAX shifting
  • The smoothest/fastest ZF8 tune on the market

Recommended Modifications for Each Stage

  • Stage 1: Aftermarket intake or drop-in filter
  • Stage 2: Single pulley, aftermarket air intake, heat exchanger
  • Stage 2+: Dual pulley ratio, catback exhaust, HPFP upgrade, etc.
  • Stage 2+ E40: All Stage 2+ mods, HPFP, plus 40% ethanol mix
  • NGK BKR8EIX spark plugs recommended for all stages

Special Offer for Switching to Jackal Motorsports

Tweetler Performance and Jackal Motorsports provide a unique switch-to-us discount, enhancing performance, smoothness, and speed. Contact for a discount code!

The Jackal Promise

Jackal Motorsports is dedicated to delivering top-notch automotive performance enhancements, transforming vehicle drivability for daily commutes, spirited drives, and track days.

Switch with Confidence

Choosing Jackal Motorsports means prioritizing your vehicle's safety and performance. Experience in-house or remote flashing with the Jackal Tuning cable, along with full custom tuning support.

Tweetler Performance is excited to bring you the best from Jackal Motorsports. Elevate your driving experience today!