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Tweetler Performance Tuning Service: To have your vehicle flashed by Tweetler, it's required to purchase our Tuning Service for $80. After purchase, we'll contact you to schedule an appointment.

Experience Unrivaled Expertise

Choosing Jackal Motorsports for tuning your Audi V8 offers countless benefits. They are dedicated to reviving these often overlooked platforms, ensuring they receive the attention and performance they deserve.

Constant Evolution for Peak Performance

Jackal Motorsports' commitment to enhancing the platform is steadfast. They collaborate closely with performance shops, customers, and their engineers to provide regular updates. Best of all, these updates are FREE for customers. With a proven track record in providing industry-leading tuning and unparalleled customer service, Jackal Motorsports has tuned thousands of B6/B7 S4s and RS4s, not only in the US but globally.

Jackal Motorsports' Tune Offers:

  • Power Gains Throughout the RPM Range: Gains of 25-60whp for enhanced performance.
  • Exhaust Flaps Fully Open in S Mode: Keeping the V8 growl audible in Sport mode.
  • Refined Driving Maps in Normal and S Modes: Optimized driving experience based on throttle input.
  • 8500 Rev Limit: Maximizing your Audi's potential.
  • Improved All-Around Drivability and Throttle Response: For a smoother, more responsive ride.
  • Better MPG (When You Behave): Efficiency gains during highway cruising.
  • Custom Jackal Motorsports 2 Step/Launch Control: For perfect take-offs.
  • Optional E30 Tuning: An extra ~35whp over 93 octane.

Total Control with the Jackal Tuning Cable

The Jackal tuning cable allows free switching between tunes. Whether updating for de-flapped cars or switching to E30, it's a seamless process with no extra charges.

Customized Tunes for De-Flapped Cars

They offer specialized tunes for both de-flapped cars and those with flaps. After extensive R&D, the best possible tune is provided for each option, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride.

Experience a Complete Transformation

Jackal Motorsports' tunes redefine performance, providing smooth power across the rev range. They invest time in fine-tuning for optimal performance and drivability, under all conditions. A 30-day money-back guarantee is proudly offered.

Considering a Switch to Jackal?

Jackal Motorsports offers a special switch-to-us discount for those already tuned but looking for an upgrade. Contact us for a discount code!

Performance You Can Feel

Switching to Jackal means:

  • Smoother Ride: Noticeable improvement in acceleration and driving smoothness.
  • Faster Response: Quicker throttle response and acceleration.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Confidence in their service with a full refund option.

Their Promise

Jackal Motorsports is dedicated to the best in automotive performance enhancements. Thousands have elevated their driving experience with their help.

Switch with Confidence

Don't hesitate to switch to Jackal Motorsports. Your vehicle's safety and performance are their top priority, ensuring a transformation in drivability and enjoyment.