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B6/B7 S4 and Allroad 4.2 Gen 2 Throttle Body Kit

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The newly revised B6/B7 and Allroad 4.2 Larger Throttle Body Kit, featuring the 90mm Tweetler Throttle Body, is an exceptional upgrade for those seeking enhanced performance in their BHF/BBK engine-equipped vehicles. This kit, now with a streamlined 90mm entry size compared to the previous 92mm, adds up to 15 wheel-horsepower, elevating your driving experience.

Although this kit operates seamlessly without a tune, its true potential is unleashed with a Jackal Stage 1 tune, enhancing throttle response and engine efficiency dramatically.

Key Features and Benefits

90MM Tweetler Throttle Body: Specifically designed by Tweetler, this throttle body not only boosts power but also ensures improved low-end torque, particularly beneficial for Stage 2&3 customers, while maintaining the same top-end power.

Enhanced Performance for All: Whether your vehicle is stock or enhanced with a Jackal Stage 1 tune, this kit promises to deliver consistent gains and throttle response, making it versatile and effective for a wide range of setups.

Competitive Pricing: Manufactured to be more cost-effective, this kit represents a perfect blend of high performance and affordability.

Tweetler Designed Throttle Body Adaptor: Crafted from 3D printed carbon fiber high-temperature polymer, it includes brass OD/ID threaded inserts for high clamp load strength and integrated compression limiters, ensuring durability and reliability.

Reusable 3D Printed Gaskets by Tweetler: These innovative gaskets are designed for longevity and repeated use, aligning with the kit's overall emphasis on quality and sustainability.

Complete Hardware Kit: The base kit is conveniently compatible with the stock intake tube, making installation straightforward and user-friendly.

This revised throttle body kit not only stands out for its technical advancements but also for its thoughtful design and manufacturing. It's a product that promises to transform your vehicle's performance, making it an ideal choice for car enthusiasts who demand the best in terms of power, efficiency, and value.