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40V 4.2L Intake Manifold Gaskets

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Check out our latest game-changer in car tech: 3D Printed larger than stock port Intake Manifold Gaskets for the 40V 4.2L engine. They're way more than just your average gaskets, combining modern 3D printing techniques with material toughness to set a new standard in performance and reliability. Our gaskets are not just replacements; they are enhancements, meticulously engineered to ensure optimal efficiency and longevity.


Reusable Design: These gaskets break the mold with their reusable nature, offering long-term value and convenience. Say goodbye to the one-time-use tradition and embrace sustainability in your engine maintenance.
Advanced Material Composition: Custom material crafted from a high-quality glass fiber polymer, our gaskets provide exceptional flexibility and resilience. They're designed to return to their original shape even after intense use, ensuring consistent performance.
Chemical and Heat Resistance: The material withstands harsh conditions, being resistant to a wide range of chemicals and capable of enduring high temperatures over 140 degrees Celsius. This makes them suitable for the most demanding driving conditions. This part has been tested for several months fully submerged in E-Ignite ethanol fuel without any decomposition or part integrity loss. 

Innovative Multi-O-Ring System: At the heart of our gasket's superior sealing capability is the multi-o-ring system. This design ensures a tighter, more effective seal when fastened, significantly reducing the risk of leaks and enhancing engine efficiency.
Deformation Resistance: These gaskets are engineered to maintain their integrity under pressure. Unlike traditional gaskets, they won't permanently deform under compression, ensuring a perfect fit and seal every time.
Lifetime Warranty: Confidence in our product is paramount. We back our intake manifold gaskets with a lifetime warranty, a testament to their unparalleled durability and reliability. If the gasket fails under normal use, we've got you covered.