OptiMate MONITOR 12V lead-acid auto-marine Permanent battery lead (40"-100cm 15/16""- M8 rings) with integrated battery status / charge system monitor.

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Weatherproof long battery lead with state of charge monitor for the 12V lead-acid battery in your parked car pick-up truck boat or powersport vehicle - 24-7 battery status at a blink of an LED!


Longer 100cm / 40" length with M8 / 5/16"? ringlets that fit a variety of battery terminals with 15A fuse that protects the -40 rated cable and electronics - Premium quality!
Sealed monitor with 4 LEDs indicate battery state of charge from full to empty for 12V lead-acid (AGM GEL or STD) batteries - LED corresponding to charge level blinks every 3 seconds.
SAE quick connect charge port for charging battery when needed - with weatherproof sealing cap when vehicle is moving!

Displays charge system status when engine is running - easy pre-run check at a glance to see if battery is receiving charge.

Model: O-128