4.2 Timing Chain Services

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Experience comprehensive automotive care with this all-inclusive service, featuring the following:

  • AM Tuned Ultimate Timing Kit
  • Engine and Transmission Removal and Reinstallation
  • Valley Pan Kit
  • Timing Service
  • Replacement of all fluids, including Coolant, Engine Oil, Power Steering Fluid, and thorough Engine degrease/cleaning.

After pre-paying for this package, simply drop off your vehicle on your chosen date, and within a week or two, retrieve your car equipped with a fresh timing service, ensuring it stays solid for another 100,000 miles!

Please note that this package covers the listed services and new fluids only, excluding any additional services your vehicle may require.

Have inquiries or need more details? Reach out to us via email, call, or text. We're here to assist you! Please allow 3-5 business days for your Timing Kit to arrive at Tweetler.