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All jokes aside, who doesn't love a good decal? 

OG decals - matte, 5" x 2" (black, white, yellow)
Avant decals - matte, 5.5" x 2.5" (black, white, yellow)

Sold individually

To apply: clean window with window cleaner and microfiber to ensure dust free surface, peel back protective layer off (use caution during this step as the letters might not release from backing immediately, if so gently roll backing on and off until sticker lettering releases), apply left to right or right to left (do not apply from center as it can cause creasing/bubbling), smooth over by applying pressure evenly on clear front protective layer with microfiber, remove clear protective layer. 
Note that the grid design is only used to help with the printing and cutting process of the stickers, not to be used for aligning or leveling while applying decal to surface.