2.8L Cylinder Heads - Rebuilt Stage 2

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These are pre assembled and complete 2.8L cylinder head set (driver and passenger) with new upgraded exhaust valves, all new valve seals, Supertech spring and retainer kit, new exhaust valve guides, polished 2.8 cams, new cam chain tensioners (Hudson), new cam chain tensioner gaskets with half moon seals. In addition each set is hot tanked, decked, all 30 seats cut to seal each valve perfectly using high quality tooling. Each set is pretimed for bolt on assembly. Price listed reflects the stage 2 dual keeper Supertech spring and retainer variant.

Please note this product and all associated components are for off road use only. If items must be returned for reasons other then failure a 90 day return policy post purchase is allowed, however the buyer is responsible for return shipping and all items must be returned in their original packaging. A 20% restocking fee will be applied and sent by invoice.