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Jackal Motorsports 4M Q7 3.TFSI CREC Tune

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Tweetler Performance Tuning Service: To have your vehicle flashed by Tweetler, it's required to purchase our Tuning Service for $80. After purchase, we'll contact you to schedule an appointment.


Unlock the power of your 4M Q7 3.0tfsi CREC!

Tweetler Performance, in partnership with Jackal Motorsports, is thrilled to introduce a product that completely transforms the driving experience of your large SUV. Bid farewell to sluggishness and embrace:

  • Smoother shifts
  • Enhanced downshifts
  • Superior throttle response
  • Improved MPG
  • Dynamic and controlled ride
  • A killer launch control

Their CREC tunes feature a fully locked supercharger clutch which eliminates the engaging/disengaging chugs noticed with the stock software and other tunes on the market.

Their TCU tune fundamentally changes how the vehicle feels, offering:

  • Smooth shifts in Drive
  • Sportier shifts in Sport
  • A raised redline of 7500
  • Full AMAX during launch

In their testing, stock 0-60 times were 5.8 seconds. With their stage 1 ECU/TCU, they've managed to achieve 4.37 seconds in that same 0-60 sprint! This is almost a second and a half improvement from just tuning!

Witness impressive 1/4 mile times for a large SUV. They were able to crack a 12.86@106mph 1/4 mile time on their beta stage 1 ECU/TCU tune, on a completely stock, full weight vehicle on 93 octane.

Their stage 1 file adds 61whp/33ftlbs with just tuning on 93 octane, requiring no hardware modifications. These gains are at the wheels on a low reading dyno!

The tune includes their Stage 1 ECU and TCU tunes, no more having to pay for both separately. Jackal also offers free upgrades between stages as you progress with modifications. Flash right at home in 15 minutes with their Jackal flashing cable!

ALOT more updates to come for both stage 1, stage 2, and different fuels!

So stay tuned!