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2.7T 750HP Power Kit

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Since the dawn of the B5 S4 and the 2.7T many have longed for a turn-key kit that simply works and is capable of making 750hp. I grew up watching Youtube videos of the B5 S4 and RS4 giants dreaming of beating C6 Z06s, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis of the day. We who have been in the 2.7 world since the early 2000s have labored through the wrong combination of modifications, terrible tunes, brutal clutches, hellish lag, intercoolers which flowed so well but couldn't cool or the opposite result and more! We've assembled a turnkey kit for you at Tweetler Performance to eliminate all of the hassle and guessing. 


Similar cars with this kit are in the 6 second 60-130 range on 30psi and E85.

Tweetler Performance Presents the 750HP package. This kit comes with:

  • 750HP Turbocharger kit.
    • Pair of 40+lb/min compressor wheels and exhaust wheels, RS6 based turbo housings, with German-designed, capable of sustained boost of over 30psi. 
    • Warrantied up to 30 psi for 18 months.
    •  20psi around 3500rpm on a stock compression 2.7L engine
    • Similar to OE K04 spool with 150hp more available in the upper rpm range
    • Wastegates are set to 1 bar. 
    • 2x Universal (K04/RS6) downpipe flanges for welding onto your exhaust (needed for K03 or K04 fitted downpipes).
    • 2x Turbo installation kit.
  • 2x 2.5" lower inlets to 2.75" upper inlets.
    • 825 HP Fueling and Kit
      • 1x 535lph Walbro fuel pump with pig tails to wire into the car. (Not two, as the picture shows)
      • Tweetler drop-in fuel pump basket adaptor. 
      • KB Boost-A-Pump triggered at 16psi in the manifold.
      • 6x Ev1 970 Bosch Injectors with maximum spray angle (ideal for 5v heads).
      •  4 Bar MAP sensor. 
    • MAF, Intercoolers and Plumbing
      •  Intercoolers with Cast end tanks and 2.25" hosing (twin 400hp cores) at 26PSI we see only a 6F in IAT rise over a 3rd gear pull and 1.5 PSI of pressure drop.
      • 102mm Intake Tube for OEM MAF with Air filter (please mention if MAF Hitachi or Bosch)
      • 1x Hand ported and plenum expanded intake manifold for 84mm Throttle Body and all gaskets required.
      • 1 x 84mm TB slotted to fit manifold.
      • 2.5" Bi-pipe with methanol injection bungs included.
    • 1x 1125 ft lbs Capable clutch
      •  Ringer Racing Stage 4+ clutch kit, 20lb flywheel with steel insert.

    Please Note!

    • Wiring is required to install the fuel pump and boost a pump voltage amplifier. 
    • Cutting and welding is required to install the RS6 flanges (if you don't already have rs6 flanged downpipes.
    • Turbos have an 18 Month unlimited mile up to 30PSI warranty.
    • This kit takes 3-4 weeks to assemble and ship.

    Tweetler Performance is not liable for any installation error. These products are for offroad use only! These HP numbers and fuel flow capabilities are based on using E85.