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B6/B7 S4 Stage 2 Power Kit

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A curated package designed to elevate your driving experience to new heights. This power kit is a power house of performance gains, offering not only enhanced power but also an effective performance solution packaged for an out of the box upgrade configured to work together and deliver optimal performance.  Kit includes the following items at a reduced price when purchased together.

1. Tweetler B6/B7 90mm Throttle Body Kit:

Elevate your experience with the newly released 90mm Tweetler Throttle Body Kit, unleash the full potential of your Audi S4. This kit offers up to 15 wheel-horsepower gains, delivering a boost in power and improved low-end torque. The included Tweetler-3D Throttle Body Adapter enhances durability and functionality. Click here for more details

2. 6.6 Bar Fuel Filter Kit with Tweetler Fuel Filter Adapter:

Upgrade your fuel system with our 6.6 Bar Fuel Filter Kit, optimizing fuel delivery to your existing injectors while ensuring clean operation. This kit includes the Tweetler Performance Fuel Filter Adapter. Experience improved fuel delivery and system cleanliness with our high-pressure fuel filter upgrade.

3. (Optional) JACKAL'S B6/B7 S4 TUNE (Stage 2 Version):

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Prepare for a performance revolution with the Jackal Motorsports Stage 2 Tune, tailored to unlock the full potential of your Audi B6/B7 S4. Offering impressive gains ranging from 25-70whp, this tuning solution ensures enhanced power, improved fuel efficiency, and a transformed driving experience. With customizable features like launch control and burble, the Jackal Motorsports Tune delivers unparalleled performance and versatility.  Click here for more details

Jackal/Tweetler Ported Intake Manifold

We've teamed up with Jackal Motorsports on their ported intake manifold program. A ported intake manifold with our Flapper Kit gives these motors an excellent boost in power throughout the entire rpm range. This matched with the 90mm Throttle Body is a power couple (compare to Cory and Topanga, Season 7). 

These intakes are required for Jackal Motorsports Stage 2 software, gains are roughly 60-70hp over stock. This, keeping in mind that HP gains are variable and influenced by multiple factors.


  • Custom porting of intake manifold and throttle body elbow precisely matched
  • Tweetler Performance Flapper Kit installation (FOR FREE)
  • Heat tape & Reusable gaskets (all you'll need)
  • (Optional) Finishing options: Spray or Powder Coat

Add durability and appeal of your intake:

The porting process thins the metal from an already thin intake manifold cover. While offering an economical "no finish" option, we highly suggest powder coating your manifold, which is both impressive aesthetically and adds heightened durability. By opting out, you elect to be sent an intake in the condition it was received at our facility. 

Powder Coating Before & After 
Spray Painting

Alternatively, we offer a spray painting service that also adds to the aesthetic appeal. We offer this in black, grey, gun metal, or silver and is treated with multiple coats. 

Intake Manifold Core Deposit Program

The B6/B7 intake manifold is becoming increasingly difficult to secure stock that meets the porting service volume. As of the release of this product, the cost for used, un-ported intake manifolds can run well over $1,000, if you can find one. Additionally, as many of our customers use their vehicle daily, removing and sending their own is not a viable option. Tweetler Performance keeps a small stock of manifolds ready for porting, allowing us to deliver product faster to you, at lower cost, and in a sustainable way for the shop. A win-win. 

  • Option 1: I'll send my intake manifold (6-8 weeks)

  • Option 2: I'll return my intake manifold after receiving

    • You deposit $500 today, get your ported manifold, then return your vehicle's manifold within 60 days for a full $500 return. 

    • Returns outside of the 60 day window will result in a reduced refund of $150. 

If you're unsure if your manifold meets the standards, or you don't have one to return please call, text or email us to discuss solutions. 

    Ship to:  Tweetler Performance 40809 Brentwood Drive, Sterling Heights, MI 48310.

    Upgrade your Jackal Tune

    If you have already purchased a stage 1 tune from Jackal Motorsports and plan on purchasing an intake and/or throttle body kit that will require a stage 2 tune, please reach out to us directly.

    (248) 881-9323

    Any questions that you may have can be answered through our social media platforms as well as our email and direct phone number - call or send a text!

    Powder coating options:

    DESERT NITE BLACK | PWS-2859 | Prismatic Powders

    DESERT RED WRINKLE | PWS-2762 | Prismatic Powders

    DESERT WHITE WRINKLE | PWS-2763 | Prismatic Powders

    HACIENDA RED WRINKLE | PWB-6450 | Prismatic Powders

    CANARY YELLOW | PRB-6119 | Prismatic Powders

    HOT YELLOW | PSS-1623 | Prismatic Powders

    ELECTRIC YELLOW | PSS-2834 | Prismatic Powders

    POLISHED ALUMINUM | HSS-2345 | Prismatic Powders

    GALAXY GREY III | PMB-2862 | Prismatic Powders

    WET CHARCOAL | PMB-6480 | Prismatic Powders

    GATEWAY GREY | PMB-7073 | Prismatic Powders

    EVO GREY | PMB-5969 | Prismatic Powders

    SUPER ROOTBEER | PMB-6335 | Prismatic Powders

    MISTY MIDNIGHT | PMB-4239 | Prismatic Powders

    PORSCHE GREY | PMB-4183 | Prismatic Powders

    PEARL BLACK | PMB-5347 | Prismatic Powders

    PORSCHE SILVER | PMS-0439 | Prismatic Powders

    As well as any powder off the illusion product line:

    Illusion Powder Coat Colors & Finishes | Shop | Prismatic Powders

    Estimated ship date is about 2 weeks from purchase date for non-powder coated intakes and roughly 4-6 weeks from purchase date for customers that select powder coating. 

    PLEASE REMOVE ALL HOSES, THE FLAP ACTUATOR & SAI SENSOR, only pieces left on the intake should be the OEM throttle body (only send if you're purchasing the 90mm upgrade) and the throttle body neck (aka elbow)

    Prices are subject to change.