Stage 2 BEL Billet Drop-In Block

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Please note the customer is responsible for and MUST provide the following:

  • Upper and lower Oil pan with oil level tube with stick (or dry-sump system with oil pans and oil level tube with stick)
  • Front main seal cast cover and accessories.
  • Oil pump with all tubing.
  • Appropriate Crank Shaft (2.8 or 3.0) please note 2.8L crankshaft is in the 2.7T engine.
  • Camshaft timing pulleys.
  • Camshafts
  • Timing Covers
  • ALL Engine Coolant Crossover Tubes.

The Engine Package includes:

  • 250hp per cylinder connecting rods.
  • Pro Series Head Studs
  • Rebuilt heads, 3 angle valve job including upgraded springs, valves, and retainers.
  • Pistons (selection for sizes)

Optional Items.

  • Optional cnc ported cylinder heads.
  • 81.5, 82, or 83mm pistons.

The Block will be dyno tuned before shipment (or after going into the car at Tweetler)


Disclaimer: **The list of parts needed are subject to change and any change from the options given on this page will be charged for. 


Lead times will vary from 8-18 months depending on availability of materials and work load. Any agreed upon warranty only applies when Tweetler has installed and tuned your car. Tweetler is not liable for ANYTHING after the car or engine arrives at the customers facility.